Leigh Daniel’s wit and charm match her intellect and experience to instantly win-over any audience. She has consistently been one of our highest rated speakers.

Mike Dooley

New York Times Bestselling Author, TUT

I have not only had the pleasure of hearing Leigh teach and speak to large audiences, I have also partnered with her on multiple occasions as we lead our own destination heart-centered retreats. As she shares from the stage, her words and stories resonate so deeply that audiences have tears running down their faces… but not for long because before the tear drops falling from your face are because you are now crying with laughter. She’ll take you on an amazing roller coaster of emotional breakthrough, and you’ll jump right back in line for more. (Thank goodness I was tall enough to ride.) Her wisdom is boundless and her ability to dilute that wisdom into an understandable format for others in unparalleled. Leigh is one of the most caring, giving and compassionate people I have ever met. If you have the opportunity to work with her on any level, you will come away happier and ready to take on any challenge. It is truly an honor to know her and my life is enriched because of it.

Jonathan Benjamin

Co-Founder & CEO, Pulse, Inc.

Leigh Daniel is a truly gifted speaker and writer who moves people with her raw genuine realness combined with humor and a profound wisdom that is always relatable. One if the things I admire most about her is how she rallies around her friends and people she cares about providing almost superhuman generosity and love. She’s powerful and strong even when she doesn’t see it. Leigh is a natural magnet. Her big heart is like a lighthouse that calls people safely to shore.

Regena Garrepy

Certified Coach, Speaker, Author, RegenaGarrepy.com

Leigh is one of those rare individuals who can combine extraordinary strength with vulnerability. I first heard her speak at a conference in Denver, and I loved the way she just poured out her heart. The entire audience was captivated by her story, which had us laughing and crying at the same time. She was such an inspiration I had to get to know her better.

To say that Leigh is genuine, honest, and supportive would be an understatement. She is a true advocate for positive change; one who leads by example. She knows exactly how to guide me when I’m feeling down or confused, and she shows her humanity in a way that inspires me to do better. If there is one person who can truly lead a revolution of positive change, it would be Leigh.

Appio Hunter

Speaker, Author, Happiness Expert, Gratitude Guru, AppioHunter.com

Leigh Daniel I can’t wait for your teachings. This newbie basically needs to start over from scratch… What a great thing going on here and I look forward to learning from the best and look forward to breaking out of my shell and meeting some great individuals…

Lori W.

Leigh Daniel, Gurl, I don’t even know where to start with you. You are such a gift to all who are blessed to cross your path. Whether it’s the people in a small village in Africa, a group of Housing Authority kids, an audience in London or the locals of Key West…your heart is wide open and affects change in its path. You are such an magical opportunity creator and you have a presence about you that when you speak people listen and when you suggest an idea people can’t wait to offer their support … When you notice someone you just make them feel REALLY special…you make me feel REALLY special! … The way you bring your laughter and sunshine into the courtroom just makes me love you even more and to be able to use your voice and passion for justice in defense of children violated by the people they didn’t stand a chance against…that alone just makes my heart overflow for you. Thank you. Leigh, EVERYTHING you do inspires me and I’m so happy you’re in my life!

Havalynn Russell

Creator of The Power of Yay Me!

Leigh, you are amazing, inspiring me with your adventures.

Susana R.


Manifesting dreams is like breathing deep behind the wishes we know are our birthright. Leigh will put the wind of your soul behind your spirit’s sail! Look out master manifestor, right into the mirror of your future. Hang with Leigh and your IP yellow brick road will flow out as knocking down dominoes by the end of your day!

Johnny S.

The statistics were stacked against me to get custody of my children. Leigh told me upfront that I could not get away “unscathed”, that my chances were above average, and she would agree to represent me. I was married to a stay at home mom for 11+ years who suffered from severe depression. . We had depositions and after 6 months eventually went to mediation. At mediation I offered more than I was comfortable offering; joint custody with long term alimony. Luckily the opposing counsel was greedy and convinced my ex to decline the offer. After consulting with Leigh, and through the power of attraction and positive thoughts, we decided to seek full custody and went ahead full steam. I worked closely with Leigh to present the “case” and at times overwhelmed her with recommended Q&A. Through the 18 month process my case gradually grew stronger, and my exes weaker. At each time there was a continuance, Leigh assured me that this would help my case, and it did. Leigh predicted that I would stay strong, and my ex would start misbehaving, which both happened. Ironically we didn’t know that we were both using the law of attraction until after the case was 99% over. During interrogation the opposing attorney questioned me about my journal, which contained affirmations that I read and repeated to myself. The outcome was nothing short of exactly what I attracted; full custody, short term alimony (which I attracted), and all of the marital assets besides my exes personal affects. I didn’t know how, but I knew from the very beginning that I was going to get exactly what I wanted. I know I attracted Leigh into my life exactly when I did so that this could happen. Robin

Leigh, your workshop was very enlightening and entertaining. You kept me engaged with your authentic & lively stories and testimony to the truth of Infinite Possibilities. Thank you for the great insights & reminders.

Jenny C.

North Carolina

It is so important to stay connected with people that are on the same path. It is truly a never-ending journey. This class does just that.

Name Withheld

The Infinite Possibilities workshop is life changing – transformative and enriching. Leigh Daniel [uses] a unique blend of personal stories and insights that surround the room in a warm hug. I highly encourage ANYONE OF ANY AGE TO ATTEND.

Dawn C.

Wow! Leigh Daniel is a big-hearted storyteller – whose story will speak to your heart.

Name Withheld

If there was only one person who has inspired me more than any other on here, I think it would be you. I so enjoy seeing how much love you radiate to others, appreciate your open honest vulnerability and sit in amazement of all you do on daily basis and still come up smiling! I am sure you’re an inspiration to everyone here Leigh!

Jeanni J.

Bless you Leigh. Leigh made me change my life from the minute I got back from that trip in 2010 neither of us had heard of IP and I made the conscious decision to be more positive just from meeting Leigh.

Jake Archer

United Kingdom

I hope you know how many people you uplift and touch in the world. (If you don’t, it’s a LOT.)

Amy B.


Leigh Daniel I’m in awe at your growth, spur of the moment ideas that are amazing and enormous love and encouragement for all.

Rachel H.

Leigh Daniel you are authentic about your trials and tribulations, showing people that being a work in progress it not just normal but awesome! I know you have given many people (including me) the courage to share there own life struggles and not just accept them but embrace them as they are what makes us the amazing people we are!

Noel B.

[Leigh] came into my funky little shop and asked if she could hold an IP class there. For some reason I didn’t hesitate and said, “Let’s do it!” I took the class because I had to be there anyway and WOW my life has never been the same. 2 months later I was in Denver! Leigh is loving and kind and didn’t let me get away with whining! She encourages me as I develop my classes and invites me to hers. She is a mentor and example. We are so alike and so different and I am so very grateful for her energy and presence in my life. AND she has introduced me to the most amazing people — people I love and consider family. Blessings on your head Leigh! Molly Reid


Leigh Daniel, I am so inspired by your ability to put yourself out there . . . to share your realities, whether they are pretty or not-so-much. You are just so real, and I totally love that.

Jo H.

I thank and am constantly in awe of Leigh Daniel. We both went to Seattle, and she is absolute proof of just moving forward one step at a time…look at what an amazing container she has created for all of us!! You rock Leigh, and I love and admire your spirit.

Noell L.

Going into PIP I didn’t know much about it. I was actually looking at it as a vacation, but little did I know it was gonna be a life changer. The first night we shared a personal/life/business goal we had. I shared mine and put it into the universe and took the action. With all the positive vibes I got from everyone it made me really want this goal to happen, and one month after PIP this goal materialized and I’m in the business my granddad built from the ground up and I’m on my way to making it great again. It also helped me in believing more in myself and my personal goals. I appreciate everything Leigh Daniel and Jonathan Benjamin taught me about myself and keeping positive. Thanks for everything!!

Name Withheld

It’s hard to imagine how I would have dealt with a very difficult time in my life without Leigh by my side guiding me every step of the way. She is an amazing person who truly cares about her clients. My advice to couples going through litigation is to remember there are no winners in any divorce or custody proceedings. The emotional and financial hardships take years to recover from. However, not every situation is avoidable, but if possible take the high road and you’ll be better off in the long run. Also, you’ll be better off with Leigh on your team. God Bless!

Jon F.


Making a big decision such as divorce can be quite daunting especially if you do not know the ins and outs when it comes to family law. I remember feeling anxious about taking that first step into wanting a better life for myself but not knowing exactly what my rights were as a woman and in the state of Alabama. I was relieved when I went to Leigh Daniel’s office and was informed of how the law …works and all the important details which I needed in order to make wise decisions to protect my rights. The best part about it was that I wasn’t in it alone. Leigh and Ashleigh Meyer (staff lawyer) were right there with me. They took the time to answer all my questions and to point out different scenarios in order to help me make the best choices for me. Their passion for the law and compassion for people in dire situations make the perfect ingredients for these “take charge and get results” attorneys. I think anyone would want those qualities in a lawyer. I know I would and do! I’m so pleased I made that first call to Leigh. Thanks to Leigh and her staff, my life will never be the same and I look forward to a brighter future. :)

Kellie M.


Leigh is such a kind, caring person. She always goes above and beyond for her clients. She has amazing interest and concern for everyone that she works with. She pores herself into every case always striving for what is best for her client. Thank you Leigh for all you do!

Christy Hawkins-Dunn


Leigh Daniel, Advocate of Positive Change: Leigh has been an Angel sent from God. I can’t express how much easier she made a painful process. She sincerely cares about her clients. I can’t thank you and your staff enough!

Kenya H.


I went for several consultations where the attorney was happy to collect their fee without providing useful information. All they did was explain the legal process and what they expected from me. The minute I sat down with Leigh, it felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. She was so warm and friendly and treated me with kindness and respect. Leigh listened to me…she actually allowed ME to speak and provided useful guidance giving my consultation considerable value. My divorce was very traumatic for me and Leigh made me feel so much better and informed me of what I needed to do so that I was protected.

It was very important to me that I had good communication with my attorney. I could always reach Leigh via email, and phone calls were promptly returned. If I needed to see Leigh, I was able to get an appointment within a reasonable time period…this was invaluable to me.

Leigh is so non-judgmental and I could tell her anything without feeling self conscious. In addition to excellent attorney representation, Leigh’s staff provides support that is just as warm and friendly as she is. Leigh worked hard for me, she “stuck it out” and encouraged me when others might not have. The end result was an excellent outcome and fair settlement. I truly can’t say enough good things about Leigh, and welcome anyone to get in touch with me for specific questions about my case and representation.

Jennifer T.


Thank you for making such a hard time better. You made me feel like family and or a long lost friend. I felt more comfortable with you and your staff than the situation I was going thru at the time. I appreciate all you have done and I will never forget it. You made my life better :)

Regina H.


I visited few law offices throughout the Huntsville area before coming across Leigh Daniel. She quickly became a clear choice for me, for what turned out to be a nearly 2 year-long difficult divorce process that ended in a 4 day trial.

I had comfort from her demeanor, which was pleasant, warm, and friendly, as well as confidence in her integrity and knowledge of the law. This confidence was well merited, as Leigh Daniel was always available, would respond to calls and emails promptly, and accomplished what she proposed she would.

Caring and compassionate is what you should look for in an attorney, and are the qualities you will find in Ms Daniel. My case specifically involved dealing with child with Special Needs and a particularly difficult opposing party, and all I can say is I am grateful I had Leigh on my side to fight my legal battles and provide the needed support. I appreciate her involvement and efforts more then I can express in written words.

Zacklina C.


I just wanted to thank you for all of your help today. This is a huge win for me, and the first time in 5 years I’ve felt like something fair and just has occurred with this whole situation with Molly and child support. It took half the day for the wonderful reality of what happened to fully settle upon my brain. I wanted to jump for joy when I got home late this afternoon. I owe you a great bottle of wine. That’s forthcoming my friend.

Kent P.


Leigh Daniel helped me through a very complex divorce and aggressively defended my interests. I know that I can count on her to return my correspondence in a timely manner and fight for my rights as a parent. Both my mother and I have put our trust in Ms. Daniel over the past three years when dealing with my difficult ex-wife, and I strongly recommend her anyone searching for an attorney.

Mark C.


It has been a wonderful pleasure having Leigh Daniel and Associates as my lawyer. I retained their service for a divorce. It is a hard thing to come to grips with the fact that you want to file for a divorce after many years of giving your life to someone. Especially, when there are also children involved. You have to really be sure about what it is your doing.

Leigh Daniel and Associates helped make this process much easier for me. Which no divorce is easy, but it helped greatly know they were on my side. I was very nervous and the first visit I explained my situation. Leigh provided all information in regards to laws, courts, process, etc. I at first felt overwhelmed by all the information, but they helped greatly in making the process much easier. Divorce is a hard enough thing to go through without dealing with lawyers wanting to go for it all or “Go for the throat” so to speak. Leigh and her team didn’t do that at all. They kept me aware of all my rights every step of the way. Provided me with different solutions and left me to make the final decisions. They definitely don’t like tying up the court system and having to drag things out when it is not necessary. They were always very quick to respond and send letters, information to court system immediately. They always gave great advice to help in all situations.

My divorce became final at mediation without having to go to court. This was very nice. When it was all over it was sad in many ways. One because now I am on my own and don’t have anyone to count on in life. I know now that my decision was a good decision and I’m very happy in my life. Two because now I’m not talking to Leigh and her team all the time like before, Kind of like going 9 months with your doctor to deliver a baby and then the baby is born and you don’t see that doctor again for a long time.

I know I can always count on Leigh and her team for support. Leigh and her team are very honest, respectful group of people and I would refer them to any of my friends.

Jackie F.


During the spring of 2010, I retained Leigh Daniel for an ongoing custody case for my 10-year-old son and defense against a superfluous contempt motion. My ex-spouse has a behavioral disorder that is non-conducive to a peaceful family environment. Also, she had filed a contempt motion against me for noncompliance with a divorce decree when, in fact, I was in technical compliance per the order. Ms. Daniel advertises that she and her staff practice the “CARE Philosophy”. The following is my critique on her compliance to each facet of this philosophy.

  1. Communicating with the Client – Ms. Daniel is very responsive to each email, phone call, and unannounced visits to the office. This includes responses via email on holidays. Either Ms. Daniel or a member of her staff will return inquiries or information within a day. I have never experienced a situation where I was waiting a week for a response to information or inquiries.
  2. Appropriate Recommendation for Positive Actions – Ms. Daniel is very forthright and honest when making recommendations regarding my case. In fact, before a change of circumstances, Ms. Daniel told me, as a father, it would be “tough” to reverse custody. I had made several suggestions that would have incurred cost on my behalf. Ms. Daniel was quick to dismiss these suggestions, which save on fees and serves as testimony of her integrity. All proactive actions Ms. Daniel has recommended has benefited my case.
  3. Representation in Court – As a former Sheriff’s Deputy, I have observed literally hundreds of attorneys perform in court. Some attorneys are complacent and lethargic with their courtroom presentations. April 2011, Ms. Daniel presented my case during an Emergency Pendante Lite hearing for custody of my son. She subpoenaed more than enough witnesses, complied appropriate documentation, and even presented evidence “on the fly” as the oppositions’ testimony changed. Ms. Daniel presented my case professionally and aggressively which resulted in temporary custody of my son.
  4. Extended Client Relationship through Referral – Ms. Daniel made several recommendations to resources such as the Warrant’s Magistrate, Child Psychologist, and others. I would consider all these referrals to be relevant to my case and not a waste of time or financial resources. On March 1st 2011, evidence presented itself which required an Emergency Hearing for Child Custody. When Ms. Daniel received notification of this evidence, she and her staff immediately filed for an emergency hearing. The emergency hearing was held shortly after. Ms. Daniel more than adequately prepared for the hearing to include the subpoena of witnesses and compilation of evidence. She represented my case aggressively to squelch the rhetoric and untruthfulness of the opposition. With the evidence provided and Ms. Daniel’s superior presentation skills, the Court awarded me with temporary legal and physical custody of my son. Ms. Daniel continues to represent me as the final hearing nears closer.

In closing, Leigh Daniel and her staff operate the best legal practice I have ever observed.

Joseph V. Lucius, III


I’ve been thinking about you and the example you have been to me in so many areas. Thank you. I have told close friends about the beautiful experience that was created around the word divorce, how extraordinary is that to have. Thank you for your friendship.

Dixie W.


At the absolute lowest point in my life, I was in desperate need of help. The fear of a pending divorce and loss of my children had me absolutely overwhelmed, as beaten down as one could feel. I needed someone to listen to my entire situation, understand my circumstances, and provide me expert advice. I had gone to two prior firms to talk about my situation and walked away uncomfortable, still lost, and unsure of what to do. Upon meeting Leigh for the first time, I knew I had found my partner. The more I spoke with Leigh the comfortable I felt that even through the most horrible experience I could imagine, I was going to be OK. Leigh was focused, listened to my horror stories, and fielded my many questions providing easy to understand, excellent advice, providing comfort and hope that I needed so badly. I strongly recommend Leigh Daniel and her firm for anyone looking for legal counsel in facing divorce.

Thank you Leigh for all you did for me and giving me the hope and guidance I needed.

Chad M.


Attending Infinite Possibilities is one of the best experiences and opportunities I have afforded myself. The takeaway for me has been using tools I acquired by the trainers to create the life I aspire to lead by redirecting my focus and energy. It has made me revisit the concept that positive energy attracts positive energy. The seminar teaches and gives one the tools to not have a mediocre life when you can attract and invent a magnificent life whether it means a new job, enhancing a career, physical self-improvement or a relationship. If you feel as if you are drowning in the dogma of the world, I highly recommend attending Infinite Possibilities.

Dawn Quinn


Everyone around me has mentioned that I’m a completely new person and that I look very happy. I tell them I’m just following your lead. At first, when I started all of this, I thought no one can be that happy and satisfied all the time. It has to be an act. Well you have shown me that there is joy in all situations. You just have to know where the joy comes from. Thank you so much.

Name Withheld

What I love about Leigh is her belief in the power of love despite all the examples she sees of the opposite in her work and her ability to reach out and share that love with others while at the same time being honestly naked about her fears and disappointments as well as hopes and dreams. She is inspiring, powerful, a true visionary, a leader and an explorer! Ohm and an amazing manifesteure extraordinaire!!!!

Jeanni McBride Jones

What I love about Leigh is how she embraces vulnerability… kicks it is the a$$ really! LOL! Through her sharing of life’s contrasts I have been feeling a little less apprehensive and lean into it a little more myself from time to time.

Peggy Boon


What I love about Leigh Daniel is her innocent humor and honest insights that touch so many. I love how, in her quest for declutter, rather than take the easy way and just donate locally, she generously sent her beautiful clothes to all corners of the country, to be enjoyed by so many of us without hesitation.

Cheryl Krieger Brown


What I love about Leigh is she is an overcomer extraordinaire- she has achieved so much greatness in so many aspects of her life. But the most lovable contrast is that she is such a down to earth, sweet spirit that all feel loved, special, and welcomed in her presence (virtually and in person)! It is a quality that I find to be so genuine and awesome!

Rebecca Long

I am blessed … I know I manifested Leigh into my life circle to teach me that it is a miraculous world out there an that there are people out there who think like me and do not look at me like I am a nut case … the vibes I get by reading this page warm me so much and without the beautiful soul Leigh, I would not be making leaps and bounds like I am in my life. Her smile lights the way, her soul guides. Thank you Leigh and all of you.

Kim Buggenhagen

Leigh, you speak the truth! I can completely relate! It really HELPS to see it in writing! Thanks for doing what you do and sharing yourself with us.

May Hunt Kenny

In her humbleness, Leigh shines in a way that is so much larger than life. She’s one of those people that when she notices you by mention of name in a comment or in asking a question, you just feel really honored and special.

Name Withheld

I have seen it time and time again and Leigh just has a way of speaking to an individual’s heart and recognizing the hidden talent wanting to be noticed, to be shared and passion that’s dying to be reignited again. She can easily move the emotions of a crowd with the same effortless ease used when moving the emotions of an individual and inspiring them into action.

Name Withheld

I am floored by the love you are able to swell and focus in and around your tight knit networks of comrades of the light. You are like the townsperson who not only rings the alert bell but the one who organizes the disparate factions and perspectives into a unifying charge. A charge of graceful inspiration and a charge forward into inspirational battle. Motivation for ones own battles, internal and external and the battle union of those who surround you. Your love is a special tone. It hits a tuning fork pitch. Its unheard. Its unending. Did you know your influence continues in the whispers of peoples unconscious? That you print into them threads of fabric that at some future date they weave into their awareness as if it was their own? You are a graceful and powerful leader. Awesome wonderful You!!

Johnny S.


Leigh Daniel is an amazing coach, inspiring speaker, and a phenomenal example of some who “walks her talk.” I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Leigh speak several times, and each time I come away with a new lesson and a new perspective on life. Leigh has a magical way of using stories from her own life, interwoven with plenty of humor, to teach and to motivate.

Leigh is also an excellent coach. When I talk to her, she is a fully engaged listener. She is focused completely on what I have to say, and she asks provocative questions that help me to shift my own perceptions. I recently went through a painful separation from someone who was very dear to me, and Leigh guided me through my thoughts and emotions to a place of peace and self-love. Leigh inspired and encouraged me to change my life, and I will always be grateful that our paths crossed.

Name Withheld

My truly inspiring friend with Oprah!!! I met Leigh at Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer conference last year where I became certified!!! She shared these words from Oprah: “If we think about the people we can help instead of the fear of what people will think or if we will fail… We will falter. Every day step out of your comfort zone!” When we are feeling doubt or hesitation and fear to show our light, we are thinking about us, keep service in mind… think about those you can serve!! Well Oprah and Leigh have certainly done that!!!! Wooohooo!!!! Step, step , step…… Just do it!!! Live it!!! Thank you Leigh !!!!

Lyn Susan Giancotti

Is it possible to wrap her awesomeness up in one short post?? I’ll try! Leigh is an inspiration. She is a woman of boundless energy who has a heart that is as wide and vast as the Universe itself! There are no boundaries to what she is able to do, and what she is happy to do for others!! She is sweet, kind, and an absolute freaking RIOT!!! I just love her to death, and am so thankful that I met her nearly two years ago!!!!!!

Gretchen Ehret

You make me laugh, cry (good crying), dream, and look at situations in a new light. Not to mention, inspire the hell out of me! You are a gift, a light, and a messenger for so many. Thank you for shining your light!

Emily Wright

You have eloquence in all that you do as well, look at your amazing ability to speak, write, connect with others at a heart level, damn girl you have eloquence when you say nothing at all, look at your beautiful profile picture, I see soooooo much grace there!!!!!

Jenny Grace

Leigh is the catalyst for creation. Through her incredible generosity of spirit and service, she establishes the contexts and structures within which people can share, learn, and collaborate in authentic and giving ways. She is inspirational, insightful, and a true ROCK STAR!!!

Vidya Ananthaanarayanana