Books by Leigh Daniel

PTPC Book CoverThe Path to Positive Change (eBook)

The Path to Positive Change is written by Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Leigh Daniel. She uses her unique perspective and the analogy of a “journey” to help you take the steps needed to bring positive change into your life NOW. It is filled with wonderful examples and stories to make your “journey” to a more positive life easy, simple and FUN! Keep this handbook with you at all times to refer to in times of struggle. Begin your path to positive change now.

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TPTD Book CoverThe Path Through Divorce: The Ultimate Guide for Attaining Your Divorce Goals (eBook)

This guidebook will take you from the beginning to end in your Divorce process. With the information contained within you can prepare yourself and help your lawyer prepare the best possible case. This information will lead you to the optimum outcome in your divorce.

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The Power of GThe Power of G: Unforgettable Lessons on How Gratitude Can Transform Your Life (eBook)

By Appio Hunter & Leigh Daniel

“Thank you.” That simple expression of gratitude can be found in every language, every culture, and the teachings of every religion. Our interactions with family, friends, and strangers rarely end without someone giving thanks. Gratitude is so commonplace, most of us rattle off the words ‘thank you’ without any thought, and when we do think about the reason for our thanks, that thought is often momentary and fleeting. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you moved away from unconscious, automatic expressions of gratitude to ones that are more conscious and deliberate?

That’s the question explored in The Power of G: Unforgettable Lessons on How Gratitude Can Transform Your Life. What this makes this book unique in its message of gratitude are the creative and insightfully shared stories which are rich with profound, poignant, and playful ways that offer proof of its transformational power. The suggestions offered are practical in their application, mind-blowing in their simplicity, and, when used, life-changing in their results. This is the book that offers the information and insight that until now, you didn’t even know you were missing.

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