Stories From the Path

“This Is Not Legal Advice”

A new phrase began to populate my consultations with clients; I couldn’t help myself really. My new way of looking at the world permeated every aspect of who I was. It would be remiss not to let them in on it. I always prefaced it, to give them a bit of a... read more

The Search for Happiness

I’ve noticed something while spending time in the personal development field; if the participants haven’t found happiness already, this is what they are searching for more than anything else. I know this from my own quest for happiness. I have a bookshelf... read more

Guest Blog: 5 Mantras For A Positive Self

My friend Kendra Kantor has some really good ideas for how to maintain a positive self image. They’re so good, in fact, that I asked her to write a guest article for me. Enjoy! Have you noticed increased negative self talk lately? It’s a really struggle to... read more

Guest Blog: RESPECT – Think + Act = Receive

Here is another guest blog from my friend Kimberly Garton Powers. Thank you Kimberly for your insights! What creates an environment of deep admiration and appreciation in an organization? RESPECT: Think + Act = Receive Respect is key in creating professional... read more

Guest Blog: The Energy of Space

The following is a guest blog from my friend Jon-Paul Rippetoe. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! There are few television shows that I actually make a point to watch. Please don’t think that I am one of those who “don’t watch TV,” I have a deplorable lack of... read more

Joyous Expansion

My friend Brett Dupree asked me to share this with you, which I am happy to do! Hi! I am Brett Dupree, Professional Keynote Speaker, Published Author and Inspirational Life Coach. My goal in life is to help people live more intentionally and allow them to live the... read more

Hot Balls…

… of macaroni and cheese. I’m mentioning the aforementioned balls because I admitted my consumption of two of these delicacies and my taskmaster – aka Tiffany – told me I had write about it in my blog. There you go. I went out last night and was sucked into a vortex... read more

The Camera Added 10lbs

If you haven’t heard yet, I am starting a webinar series called Divorcing Your Bad Habits. The phrase came to me when I was at my event in Key West, Florida, Possibilities in Paradise speaking to a group about my own cross to bear; Velveeta® cheese. It may seem hard... read more

My Top Five

You’ve seen lists sort of like these, right? The ones with tips we can use to get our bodies back? I sure have, and yet I have never seen a top five about thoughts. Although it’s becoming mainstream by way of Weight Watchers with their new campaign that has a catchy... read more

The Law of Attraction and Weight Loss

This is a guest post written by my dear friend, Gwen Irwin. It sure inspired me, and I hope it inspires you too! My weight loss story started back in Junior High.  Well actually I should say my weight gain story. I was always a skinny kid.  I could eat whatever I... read more

Shame, Sybil, and Smoked Mozzarella

Lately, I have been working at my computer for hours, writing, searching, researching, posting, and commenting. At the end of those days I find my shoulders and back are aching and my mind is fried. When I realize it’s the end of the day and I’ve had only juice, I’m... read more

The Chimney Caper

On the radio this morning two DJ’s were talking about two women who had decided to seek revenge on their ex-boyfriends by going down their chimneys. The last one had been stuck so firmly it took 23 firemen several hours to tear the chimney down and get her out and... read more