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As a lawyer who specializes in domestic relations I know what it’s like to feel like you’re at the end of your rope. If your in solo practice or run a small firm, this creates another set of stressors as you meet the demands of clients, find money to pay the bills, and keep your office running smoothly. The clients often expect you to deliver results while disregarding their own malfeasance that’s caused the situation to evolve. If you’re working with criminal clients, you may feel responsible for getting them the best deals while also feeling guilty for putting them back on the street. In a room full of different kinds of lawyers they will toss their hat in sounding off about the particular issues that come with their practice. Jokes are made about us, many people don’t trust us, and while some of us may be pulling in large fees, there is pervasive sense of unhappiness and misery that underlies the practice. We have long been heralded one of the unhappiest professions, recently making news for having the highest suicide rate.

I’m here to tell you that it can be different. After twenty years of practice and no end in sight, I reached a point of no return. I couldn’t keep practicing law the in the same old way to reach the same unhappy results. I will admit, once I turned the corner my staff wasn’t sure if they were going to make
the turn with me. As I shared my new strategy for moving out of the practice of hating my law practice and into one of finding happiness and peace no matter what was going on around me they listened skeptically.

It is now two years later and my office has a different feeling. My staff is happy to come to work, financial matters are easily dealt with, clients are less difficult to deal with, and most importantly, I’ve found my joy in living again. I want to teach you how to find your way back to the practice you wanted when you started down this road. You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness and peace of mind for your law practice any longer.

Private coaching is by appointment only. Contact me to inquire further.

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Leigh, you sure carry a whole lot of power in that little package of you.

Sonja G.

I find her generosity, humility and wisdom to be truly inspirational. Thank you Leigh.

Joanna R.

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