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Why I Walk The Path to Positive Change

For as long as I could remember, I wanted to have a “different life” as a small girl in a small town. I knew I wanted to see the world. I wanted to have all the shiny bits and bobs I saw on the television and in magazines. I hadn’t been out of the southern United States, but wanted to be a student of the world. My first big break came when I followed the suggestion of a professor and I went to law school. Within one year of graduating, I struck out on my own.

With a kitchen table and my Dad’s credit cards, I started my first law firm, and I’ve been the leader of that firm since 1994. While I had no idea what kind of law I wanted to practice, it soon became clear that helping people when they went through their darkest times was when I was at my best. That’s how I eventually settled on divorce law. At first, what I lacked in legal experience I made up for with compassion, and I soon began to think of myself as an attorney with a heart. Every night as I went home I wondered how I could give my clients the best representation.

I also prayed for God to send me the clients that really needed me, and sure enough, I saw some of the most complicated and traumatic cases come my way. I poured my heart and soul into my practice until – after almost 20 years – I began to feel the heavy effects of divorce practice. I took solace in the company the many animals I had adopted, even having a dog (or two) go with me to my office. I also engaged in a lot of behaviors like binge eating and drinking to numb the feelings of unhappiness I had… because despite my successful practice and reputation as a tough litigant, I was filled with sadness.

I began looking for ways to find happiness in the numerous books out there on “Being Happy”. During my search I found an audio program called “Playing the Matrix” by Mike Dooley. I was so impressed with Mike’s audio program that I went on to his Train the Trainer conference in Seattle. And there, my life changed. Mike talked frequently about “thoughts becoming things,” and when I started examining my own thoughts, I realized what had I been filling my head with for the past 20 years: Sadness, hostility, anger, and pain; pain of such magnitude that it had seeped into my very pores.

Mike suggested that we could do something radially different, but yet so simple to change how we felt: We could DECIDE to be HAPPY. I remember feeling shaky at that revelation. I could DECIDE TO BE HAPPY! I went back to my room, made my decision, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

I’ve spent the last several years firmly deciding to be happy. I’ve used the knowledge I’ve gained over my two decades of practice to help clients in a different way. Yes, I still litigate, but my experience is wholly different, and I have devoted myself to choosing a different way in every aspect of my life. Just as I fight for my clients in my law practice, I now fight for the right of the people I teach to find the happiness that once eluded me.

These days I do workshops and have spoken to hundreds of people about transformation. Twice a year I present to people from all over the world in Key West, Florida, with my partner Jonathan Benjamin at Possibilities in Paradise. I have written two books and co-authored another book. I have done workshops with mastermind groups, spoken to high school students and corporate groups, and presented to hundred of peoples at Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer conferences. Most recently, I have begun coaching people and designing my own programs for clients, attorneys, and people just like me who want a more positive and fulfilling life.

I’m so grateful, so happy, and so ready to teach you through whatever medium you wish to help guide you to a more positive path… The Path to Positive Change.

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