My friend Brett Dupree asked me to share this with you, which I am happy to do!

Hi! I am Brett Dupree, Professional Keynote Speaker, Published Author and Inspirational Life Coach. My goal in life is to help people live more intentionally and allow them to live the life of their dreams, while living a good life balance. I do this by helping you tap into the part of you that knows where you want to go while helping you silence the part of you that is keeping you back. More information can be found at

The basis of Joyous Expansion is to lead a life where joy is the basis of your decision. Having joy as the basis of your decision-making allows you to live without regrets. Do you take a long time to make a decision? Always weighing the pros and cons? Then when you make that decision you keep on wondering what would happen if you made the other decision? Living joyously allows you to look back at that decision without wondering what would happen, because you made the decision with heart. When you listen to your heart there are no regrets. You know what you want in life. It is that voice of doubt that you allow that is the cause of your indecision. Embrace yourself and trust yourself. When you embrace your joy and make decisions from your heart you will lead a truly inspired life. You will inspire others to do the same, thus making this world a better place.

Listening to your inner genius is a practice. Sometimes you will slip. That is life. As long as you keep on improving, then the times where you make the decisions that are best for you will increase. Imagine your life right now a year from now just making the decision that will bring you to your dream life just ten percent more than you do now. Just one in ten times when you were going to watch Television or randomly surf the net or however you waste time, you work on your book, watch or listen to that inspirational or educational seminar or read a book like Joyous Expansion. The change would be huge! Even better when get better and get it up to eighty percent!

Take your life to a new level. You can acquire your personalized autographed copy of Joyous Expansion: Unleashing Your Passions to Lead an Inspired Life at You can also pick it up in eBook format on (click here to buy).

As a smaller author, it takes a lot of work promoting and putting my book out there to the public. If you are served by the book, putting a review on Amazon, Goodreads or any other site where they allow you to review books is really helpful. Just three lines can help someone else make their decision on whether or not to make the purchase. Thank you for your service. I am grateful to you, for working on being the best you that you can be!

I wish you much joy in your life.

Brett Dupree

Thank you, Brett, for sharing your joy with us! While we’re on the subject of living joyously and making decisions from a place of joy, check out my upcoming webinar series, Divorcing Your Bad Habits. Imagine living joyously by knowing that your bad habits are gone for good! Click here to learn more or to register today.

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