If you haven’t heard yet, I am starting a webinar series called Divorcing Your Bad Habits. The phrase came to me when I was at my event in Key West, Florida, Possibilities in Paradise speaking to a group about my own cross to bear; Velveeta® cheese. It may seem hard to fathom how one woman could become so infatuated with processed cheese, but it has happened to me. My relationship with the gooey yellow crack, I mean cheese, was habitual. I turned to it when I was feeling sad, stressed, unloved, mad, and depressed. Before I discovered the law of attraction, unhappiness was also a habit of mine so the delicious cheese product and my misery went hand in hand. It was the last thing I couldn’t seem to shake off. Even after turning the corner and finding happiness, I was still turning into the dairy aisle to pick up fake cheese. I wasn’t unhappy as much, so I wasn’t triggered as often, but when I was feeling overwhelmed or stressed, get the Tupperware out, because the big cheese is coming to town.I made my confession to the group I was with and someone yelled out, “You need to divorce the Velveeta!” I’m a divorce attorney so this particular phrase made sense. And it also rang true. I needed to get rid of this habit once and for all. I was leading people in seminars, speaking to people locally, across the U.S. and internationally, and I was harboring a processed cheese fetish. What the heck was wrong with me? I went home and declared my intention to stop using. Since then, a little over one year ago, my Velveeta fix is no longer a habit. I went through a process of working through my issue with that orange and sticky nemesis and came to the conclusion I could divorce it. Every now and then I resort to eating the high calorie dip, but it’s no longer automated, habitual behavior.

Someone told me recently that bad habits are more fun than good ones. I agreed, sure. But are they? What was the toll being taken on me because of my fun habit? For one, I couldn’t lose weight. At the high point of my Velveeta habit I weighed almost thirty pounds more than I weigh now. I exercised every day but my efforts at working out were derailed by my ingestion of thousands of pounds of cheese and chips on a bi-weekly basis. I developed pre-diabetes and had to begin monitoring my blood sugar and being pricked with rather large and painful needles to draw blood. I felt unattractive, heavy, and sad and this just made me want to eat more. Was this habit really more fun? Hell, NO!

Since learning and teaching Infinite Possibilities I have been able to make a lot of solid changes in my life. I have had to dig through my beliefs in myself and change behaviors that were on habit mode. Being happy is also a habit, and it’s become my default mode. Yesterday I was at a lunch and learn event and the speaker said, “Excellence is a habit.” If being excellent is something you do on autopilot then yes, it is. I have had to challenge myself to develop new habits continually as I choose the life of my dreams. Being happy rather than sad. Loving life instead of complaining about it. Being positive instead of looking for what can go wrong. Choosing to soothe myself with something other than cheese!

Taking a hard look at my life was the first step. With awareness you can make changes and develop new habits. For me, one habit I have now is to write every day. I also have developed the habit of gratitude. I turn to being grateful at the end of a hard day instead of thinking through all the “bad” things that have happened. I could fill a book with all the ways my life has changed, but I want to know about you?

What are some things you need to change? What has become second nature that you know you need to stop? Thoughts, behaviors, words? Cheese addictions? Are there any bad habits you want to divorce? If there are, then I can teach you how in my upcoming webinar series, Divorcing Your Bad Habits. You can find more about my webinar by clicking here. And yes, yes, the camera did add ten pounds.

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