On the radio this morning two DJ’s were talking about two women who had decided to seek revenge on their ex-boyfriends by going down their chimneys. The last one had been stuck so firmly it took 23 firemen several hours to tear the chimney down and get her out and cost thousands of dollars in damages. Looks like the restraining order didn’t work! Once I had nixed the strategy for my own ex (just kidding, in case he is reading and feels compelled to move), I began thinking of how helpless this woman must have felt. The firemen were reportedly taking pictures of her bare legs dangling down the fireplace. Did I mention she was nude? Being stuck whether in the chimney or in life sucks. And being naked doesn’t help.

My scale seems to be stuck the last few days. It seems the first ten days of dieting bliss is over. My weight loss has slowed and this is where the real rubber meets the road. Or the body meets the fireplace! This is when most of the time we give up. Feeling stuck can be so disheartening – whether it’s your weight or something of a grander scale (no pun intended) – we tend to wave the white flag of surrender. One thing I have learned through teaching Infinite Possibilities is that you have to appreciate the journey. Each time we encounter a situation where we feel we can’t move forward, we remind ourselves that this is just the process. My friend Jonathan Benjamin, who speaks on abundance, has said about budgeting, “This is how a wealthy person who is just starting out would spend their money.”

Wherever we are in our lives, the goal we have is here, waiting for us in present time. Remember alignment? You ARE the person, in that case, who has the money. You just don’t have it yet. For me, I AM the person who is at her perfect weight. This is how a healthy person feels when she is on the way to perfect health. The more you fight being stuck – the more you keep yourself there. I am guessing our gal in the chimney felt the same way!

About eighteen months ago one of my pigs was sick. The stress I felt over his illness was debilitating. I had taken him to the nearest vet college twice, driving four hours away each time trying to find out what was wrong with him. Each night I listened to him breathe sounding like an old man who has smoked his entire life and felt so hopeless. I was so worried and my energy was reflecting it. Everything around me started to go wrong. My office was broken in to. The new hire I had was causing me distress. Friends were upset with me. Money was tight. By this time I was firmly immersed in using my energy to create my life and I knew I was causing the avalanche of misfortunate. I felt STUCK. I struggled each day to try and feel better. The more I struggled the more things went awry.

If you have been following the Law of Attraction, you may be like me; wanting to stay in the zone all the time, feeling good and creating what you want. Yet most of us come to that place of not knowing where to turn from time to time. What do you do? Accept where you are. When my piggy was sick I had to let myself feel the sadness over my pet’s health and not try to force myself to feel better. I kept going and taking care of him until he unfortunately died. Today I am doing the same. I can’t ignore the feelings of dismay I have. Feel it and let it go. Don’t fight against how you feel. Acceptance is not giving in. Keep the end result in mind. Remain aligned. And above all, don’t take your clothes off to go chimney diving.

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