Some may challenge me for basing my Family Law practice on the foundations of Love. But those who do don’t realize the power of love. It’s stronger than hate. It can move mountains, cast aside seas, and turn the darkest of night into a light filled sky. Nowhere is love needed more than when you think your life is falling apart. It is a time of reckoning when your outside source for love leaves you or you decide to leave them… at least on a physical plane. Time to dig deeper and find the love you have for yourself, for your children, for your family, for your life.

My goal is to give you the tools to rise through this challenge with a lighter sense of your life. I have spent years seeing people at their worst and feeling the host of bitterness, pain, anger, and shame. I’m choosing to do something different. Turning the page over for not just myself but for the legions of people who are hurting and want both peace and another way to see the new landscape of their life.

Seeing the way through all the obstacles that beset you from the practical like how to divvy up the good and possessions, to the heart wrenching how to share custody and parenting time, how to survive the financial shifts, and best of all how to move forward in light instead of dark no matter the outcome.

For those who think this makes us less as lawyers, they don’t see the truth. We are the strongest of the strong. We are guided by a much higher principle and can see the way of truth and justice for all. We will negotiate and fight for your interest through love and understanding instead of through hate, anger, and pain.

Nurturing a hurting heart is not for the faint of heart. Courage and absolute bravery is what it takes to look squarely in the face of the darkest emotional pain and to banish it forever as you move forward. There is no victimization of either yourself or others. There is peace, love, and the shift of perception that love casts out all fear. It is forgiveness for yourself and for others as you move out of pain.

Having an advocate for positive change offers you practical legal advice and the spiritual tools you need both now and moving forward. There is no time you need love more.

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