Practicing law can be difficult.  The clients can be irritable and looking for someplace to vent their frustrations.  Being in a divorce practice has lent itself to seeing people at their worst.  What has done more for me to keep my practice from being a place filled with stress is to focus on what’s right.  I have a great staff.  I have a successful practice.  I’m able to reward myself and them for a job well Thank You 04done. I’ve won a lot of cases.  I’ve helped a lot of people.  Some days you may be hard pressed to come up with a list of things you are grateful for, but keep working at it. Take a moment to write down some things you have to be grateful for in your practice.

Really want to tax yourself?  Take a moment to write down what you can be grateful for with your cases and your clients.  We do this at my office and you will be amazed at the difference this attitude adjustment can make.  Even when a client has been especially cantankerous one of us will catch ourselves before we complain.  Mr. Smith is so kind!  Even if he has just slammed the phone down on us!  It can be laughable.  But yet I promise you it will change the tenor of your office.

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